Natural Wart Removal: The Safe and Effective Treatment that Worked for Me

As a person who has suffered from warts for a long period of time, I know what a struggle it can be to find an effective wart treatment to get rid of these grotesque skin abnormalities. There’s a range of suggested treatments from over the counter and prescription based remedies, surgical options and a whole host of natural wart removal methods. While some health insurance policies cover wart removal, others don’t. There’s also the issue of how effective these range of treatments are and the side effects some of them pose.

Fortunately, I might be able to help. When I was doing a search on how to get rid of warts, I came across a particular remedy that has been successful at dealing with these pesky skin anomalies for me personally.


At the time, I’d been afflicted with warts for over a year on a number of my fingers and both of my feet.  I was starting University when the warts started to appear and it really affected my self-confidence and resulted in me been more reclusive socially in order to avoid embarrassment. I didn’t want people to see the warts on my fingers and distanced myself from others as a result. I thought they’d make fun of me or think I was suffering from some type of disease. Furthermore, I knew they were contagious and didn’t want anyone else catching them from me.

When I needed to interact with people, I’d wear gloves and come up with any old excuse as to why. It probably looked strange to people, but I’d rather them think I was weird for wearing gloves in doors than some gross unhygienic person. I remember one occasion where I needed to buy something from a shop. I didn’t have my gloves with me and didn’t want the cashier to see my warts as I handed over the cash. I ended up having to come back later once I had the nasty skin deformities covered up.

The first time I tried to get rid of them I was a bit foolish, probably due to been somewhat depressed and desperate. I purchased a pumice stone and tried to grind the warts off my fingers. The second method I tried was to cut them off with a pair of nail clippers. Neither of these achieved anything other than causing my fingers to become sore for several days afterwards. I certainly don’t advice trying either a pumice stone or nail clippers as a wart remover.

This led me to start looking for proven solutions. Firstly, I purchased a non-prescription cryotherapy kit that was supposed to freeze the warts and cause them to fall off. Other than make my fingers sting slightly while applying the treatment, this method failed to solve my issue. The next method was an over the counter product containing salicylic acid. This one didn’t cause any pain, but it did cause some skin irritation. As with the other treatment, this also failed to get rid of my warts.

Mainly due to how expensive some of these over the counter products were, I decided I’d look into some home remedies on how to remove warts next.  There were certainly a large number of suggestions out there. There was tea tree oil, garlic, castor oil, toothpaste and a whole host of others. I decided to try a few of the more popular natural wart removal options. I can’t recall every single one I tried, but one involving a banana peel and another involving apple cider vinegar caused some change in the appearance of my warts, but neither eliminated them.

I started thinking it might be time to fork out the money for one of the more intensive surgical options. Electro surgery, laser surgery or Curettage looked to be the most effective. However, I’d read about the possibility of scaring and that, while one of these options would get rid of the warts, they could come back.


The Moles, Warts and Skin Tag Removal guide

I thought I’d take one last look on the internet for how to get rid of warts before trying one of these surgical options. I eventually found a product called “Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal”. It was a report claiming to reveal an effective wart treatment as well as remedies for moles and skin tags. It claimed the method worked within three days and could be done in the comfort of your home. It stated the method didn’t cause any side effects or scars and got to the heart of the problem, to ensure they wouldn’t come back. The product page also claimed that it had helped over 12,600 people in 75 Countries this year alone.

Click here to view the “Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal” website.

While there were numerous testimonials with before and after pictures displayed, I was still sceptical. It was the personal story of the author, Chris Davidson that persuaded me to give the product a chance. He mentions been afflicted with warts, moles and skin tags on his face while at school. He was ostracised by his class mates and made fun of. They even had a nickname for him: “the mask”.

With feeling like others would make fun of me if they found out about my warts, I thought I’d give Chris a chance. The fact it was inexpensive at $37 and came with a 60 day money back guarantee provided some extra sway as well.

Once my payment had gone through I was able to immediately download the 106 report. It has sections on moles, skin tags, genital warts and more common warts. It was the latter section I was interested in and I didn’t bother reading the rest. This section went over exactly what warts are and the various different types. It also covered the more conventional treatment available and, finally, went into detail about the home remedy Chris used to relieve himself of warts.

The remedy involves a few household items. Unfortunately, I didn’t have these items in the house at the time and had to purchase them at the store. They were cheap enough. I followed the remedy once I returned and continued to over the next few days. By day five my warts had been eradicated. I remember doing a fist pump in the air to celebrate. I was excited and relieved. At the time I was, however, worried they’d return. Fortunately, they’ve been gone over six months now so chances are they’re not coming back.

I no longer fear interacting with people due to my warts and my social life has improved drastically. I’ve also become much happier and more self-confident.

Click here right now to visit the “Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal” website.

If you’re looking for a treatment method, I can’t promise this will be as effectiveness for you, but I’d certainly suggest giving it a shot. Hopefully this natural wart removal method will work just as well if not better for you as it did for me. Whatever the case, I hope you’re able to find a solution for your warts and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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